Amos Yee: Islam Sucks!

So since AllSingaporeStuff shared my blog post about my thoughts on calvin cheng, and preferred to a use a more provocative headline of ‘FUCK ISLAM AND ALLAH DOESN’T EXIST’ (probably the most provocative line there) to generate more views, as opposed to a more accurate one (they presented the blog post not as an explanation of how calvin cheng sucked, but as if it were a thesis condemning islam, seriously AllSingaporeStuff, what the fuck? You once admitted your mistake that you were manipulative cunts, but that doesn’t mean you should do it again) I have obviously gained condemnation from the dumb muslim community in singapore. and like mecca itself, the islamics seem to have lots of sand in their vaginas too, because the number of stupid death threats I got is voluminous. But don’t mind them, they do after all follow a sky wizard and a pedophile prophet.

And why are people shocked that I despise islam? I think it’s quite obvious for an advocate of logic such as myself, that I hate all organised religions, christians are cunts, buddhists are delusional, taoists are just plain stupid and islam is absolutely fucking horrible; It’s always a mental debate on my part, which do I hate more? Christians, islam or meat-eaters.

And of course not all islamics are extremists like isis (though I don’t think I ever implied that), but if islamics did really follow the core tenants of the quran (quran (8:65) – “O Prophet, exhort the believers to fight…” , quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, ), they really should be, otherwise they’re not really obedient followers of allah though they claim that they are (fortunately for an atheist, I don’t have the burden of all these contradictions and bullshit, sad for religious pricks…. awww…)

I would like to make a blog post or video condemning islam, but I have other priorities at the moment, but thankfully there are many such videos already available on the internet, like this one from one of my favourite Youtubers, CultOfDusty.

It’s not as extensive as a video that I would make (A heavily-scripted and edited video, not a virgin casanova episode(though sometimes(and probably more in subsequent episodes(or non-related word)) it happens there too)), but it provides a succinct enough argument to prove that islam is retarded, and if you watch more of his videos, you’ll be even more convinced of their idiocy, so I recommend you do (This is the kind of content I watched throughout my secondary school that was strong enough for me to counter the incessant conditioning of the government and be liberated from being a conservative cunt pap dog (If you like dusty, you would also really love other great atheist youtubers like the amazing atheist, jaclyn glenn and cristina rad).

And I’m thinking, if this guy from America, the land of guns, hasn’t been killed, then I wouldn’t be, singapore is after all a very safe country, ain’t it? HAHAHAHA!! (Don’t ever be afraid of criticising stupidity, especially if it concerns islam and they threaten violence on you if you do, such people should be viciously condemned. You have the 0.01% chance of getting beaten up and the 0.00001% chance of getting killed. Is it worth it? Of course it is).

So calvin cheng sucks, pap sucks, and now so does islam, and really every other religion, and they should all be vehemently mocked to prevent stupidity from spreading, and society can improve. Have fun!


Source: Amos Yee

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