Organisers Of Miss/Mrs Asian International 2015 Singapore Must Review Their Objectives, Educate Malay/Muslim Public With Correct Moral Values

Nowadays many people want to be a pageant organiser but never really understand what is the purpose for and the right ethics. Especially when it comes to the Malay community. The organiser of this particular pageant called Ms/Mrs Asian International 2015, should take into consideration of their contestant not to expose her unsightly tattoo (see right-most contestant seated at front row).

Of course for the newer generation, tattoo is a form of art but it can be an issue among the Malay’s community. What exactly does the organiser is trying to portray for muslim married women out of this Ms/Mrs Asian International 2015 when their contestants are all Malays and few are with hijabs.

And also by the pageant title Ms/Mrs Asian International, what will other contestants and their supporters from other regions would possibly think?

This is not to condemn any of the the contestants. It is to highlight the responsibility of the organiser of this pageant to reflect on their objectives and to build awareness as in to educate the right moral values for our Malay married women and our young Malay’s community.



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