Female Malay “Tour Organiser” And Alleged Serial Cheat Scammed Four Busloads Of Port Dickson Trip

Scammed so call tourist coordinator Sarafina Hairi aka Rynn Hairi cheated more than few hundreds of people for holiday get away, and now with almost 100 of us 4 buses to be exact, families, children and unfortunate mak chik pak chik sold thier tissue papers just to come here!

Hopefully justice will take actions on her, oh yes, when we all return from Port Dickson

More informations from friends and public, hopefully this will lead to the authorities. We cant do anything now!!! Because we are still here in Port Dickson!!

Rina Hairin 1 Rina Hairin 2 Rina Hairin 3

Help!!! Somebody call or share this and all our post to the police!!!


Source: Rifah ShaPutra Hamid Alkaff


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