Amos Yee: Moderate Muslims F*****G Hypocrites, ISIS True Practitioners Of Islam

Muslims are speaking up against the law that I’m about to be charged for, yay! Wait what? Why the fuck would they do that? Child-fucking allah would be very displeased.

What in the world is a ‘moderate muslim’? A fucking hypocrite that’s what. The truth of the matter is that what isis has been doing and what these ‘moderate muslims’ considers ‘extremist interpretation of the theology’, is what muslims should be doing if they claim they follow the koran.Those people aren’t the extremists, you guys are the underachievers really. All these ‘non-extreme’ religious people who fap to their holy book but aren’t liable for a murder charge, have to deal with so many contradictions, lying to both other people and themselves every day to feebly preserve their delusion. It must be really hard isn’t it? You ‘moderate muslims’ or ‘semi-partial christians’?

I’m pretty disappointed when christians and muslims claim that they are not offended by my comments. They fucking should be, I condemned your disgusting beliefs and viciously explained how everything you have lived for is utter bullshit. You should get depression and cry yourself to sleep.

The truth is that these religious pricks are offended, but either don’t want to admit it, or want to ‘forgive’ me (which you can’t really ‘forgive’ someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. You should ask for my forgiveness, but I’m not going to forgive you for being a flying-horse believer), but that doesn’t mean your wee-little feelings didn’t get hurt.

And TOC, fuck you, stop perpetuating this misconception that the main thing I’m going to be arrested for is probably the passing remark on the calvin cheng blog post. I know you really want to because calvin cheng was a dick and linking me to him would help create more displeasure towards the government blah blah blah. But bitch, don’t straitstimes yourself like how you did with molester vincent law (…/the-molestation-of-vincent…/).

The heavier sentence (if those police cunts catch me ah-hah!) will more likely be for this Facebook post ( and even more so than the calvin cheng one, this post I’m writing right now. You should bring attention to these more stinging diatribes, then more halal-snorters will read them and get hurt; burn those paedophile lovers to the ground.

I know after writing this, alternative media folks are feeling really uncomfortable, because it’s as if I’m harming my own ‘side’ and making your job harder to win over support for my case. But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of other things that will happen that you can exploit to your favor, but unlike you, I’m willing to compromise the level of effectiveness in fucking the government, for being honest (and in the long-term it will serve me much better believe me).

Therefore, screw hypocrisy, jesus christ and allah did not exist, fuck you christians and fuck you sand-loving muslims.…/section-298-contradicts-singapor…


Source: Amos Yee

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