Non-Muslim Singaporeans Makes Fun Of Islam, Kakak Took Them On

Well , just look at what we have here. Its just so amazing that people like this still exist.

For at least 10-11 years of our lives, we went to school everyday and sang the national anthem & the pledge. Well before i continue with what this post is about, let me share with you a highlighted phrase from the pledge we use to recite.

“Regardless of Race, Language or Religion”

Key Word: Regardless

With that in mind, lets have a look at the Fantastic 4 of the day:

Gary Ng
Farrah Tan
Kelly Chen
Ronald Chng Chee Gem

Lets Now Look at What each of them they have to say.

Mr Gary Ng:…

Mr Gary Ng, called the Sultan of Brunei a “bloody muslim” & a “bloody hypocrite”. Now, why on earth must you bring religion into this? WHY? If you dislike his ways of ruling his country, you can bring that out without putting the word “bloody” in front of his religion right?

From the bad angle of your selfie on your Facebook profile, I believe you are just like any uncle which is matured enough to know how to pick and use your words wisely right? Didn’t you think of how your words will affect the other muslims or the people/citizens of Brunei . They are under his rulings and do you see them complaining and whining like a little girl? I think they have more rights to complain of this particular matter compared to you. So my question is, are you a citizen of Brunei? If you’re not I suggest you shut your pie hole.

Gary Ng


And next on the list, we have
Miss Farrah Tan:

Jeng Jeng Jeng,

This lady right here made me really confused at first because I thought she might be Chinese/Malay/Pinoy Muslim. From her profile picture, she looks like she has some pinoy blood, but the picture of her cover photo made her look like she’s a malay. I thought she was a Chinese-Muslim due to the common malay first name & Tan, her Chinese sir name.

But boy was I wrong…..

After looking at her profile I found out that she stated herself as an Atheist (“a belief that there is no God”). Well i respect her beliefs but definitely not her comments.

She commented that “Most are hypocrite especially those who are wearing hijab”. Well the frightening thing about that was the missing comma (,)

Rephrased: “Most are hypocriteS , especially those who are wearing THE hijab”

Gurl, get your sentence structures right, especially before insulting someone else, OR even before insulting all the ISLAMIC WOMEN in Singapore and around the world with your words.

I don’t care if you’re Singaporean or not lady but your words have to go.

In another comment she mentioned: ” Actually I don’t like most Muslim people… Bad examples….hypocrites…liars….cruel”

Well miss Farahh Tan, if you don’t like Muslim people then I suggest you pack all your stuff and go to somewhere Muslims cannot be found. Perhaps the amazon jungle? If there are too many mosquitos or its too hot there, I would suggest the top of Mount Everest. I heard its chilly there. Mind you, bring a blanket.

Muslims are bad examples? Liars? Cruel? Cruel in what sense? If you’re gonna group all the muslims together with the ISIS and terrorist then my dear I would say you are seriously ridiculous. If you think all muslims are like that, why don’t you carry a machine gun everywhere you go?

FUN FACT: “Muslims constitute the world’s second largest religious group. According to a 2010 study and released January 2011, Islam has 1.6 billion adherents, making up over 22% of the world population.”

Muslims consist of 22% of the population. If all Muslims were really terrorist and are just like the ISIS, we would at least have conquered half of the world. But fortunately for you, thats not the case.

So Miss Farrah Tan, if you don’t believe there is a God, then so be it. But respect others. Like seriously. Your words are enough to put you behind bars. With that being said, please head for Amazon or Everest asap. Im giving you a heads up sister!

Farrah Tan 1 Farrah Tan 2


Next on the Fantastic 4 list, we have:
Miss Kelly Chen

Now this one, did not directly said any harsh comments to muslims in specific, but she had a big problem with the Sultan’s laws in his country and she is a bit of a hypocrite in my opinion.

Let’s look at what she has to say.

Firstly, a dear friend by the name of Jack Lee, commented that: “No religion is bad,only the people are bad”. This is very true. Like for instance, Islam is Perfect. But muslims aren’t. Its a true fact. So true that even Miss Kelly Chen agreed to it with replying: “Yep!” to Mr Jack Lee’s comment.

But why would I label her as her hypocrite then? Why you asked? Because she liked BOTH, BOTH AH, BOTH of Miss Farahh Tan comments which I have mentioned earlier. Not only one, BOTH leh. Walao wei, image drop liao. I thought she Peace Supporter. Sadly she isn’t. SO she is a supporter of Anti muslims and hate all muslims too i suppose? Just like Miss Farahh Tan?

Well if thats the case, please be Mrs Farahh Tan’s neighbour in Amazon or Everest cause we Singaporean do not wish to have racial or religious disputes among one another in our country.

And since we are on the topic of Christmas, please hope Santa gives you a present you want. Which is a one way ticket out of Singapore and perhaps to Brunei?

You wanna kpkb about the Sultan? Seriously? Its his country, he can do whatever he pleases. If tomorrow he wakes up and decides to name Brunei as “Gotham City”, it will happen. Why? BECAUSE HE CAN.

If one day you own a country, you too can put up rulings which ever way you seem fit, for both you and your people. Perhaps you can ban people from celebrating Hari Raya, if it would please you, Oh your Highness? -.-

You can say oh he did this, oh he did that. It may be true, It may not be true. We don’t know. Everyone makes mistakes. Even a great leader. We are all humans. He has the entire nation on his shoulders. He has his reasons for doing certain things. So don’t question the sultan on him allowing pubs here and there. Perhaps they might be referring to PUBs as “Public Utilities Board”? How would you know? Hahahaha.

Kelly Chen 1 Kelly Chen 2

Anyways, we finally have our final person on the list. This guy here is very special. Oh yes he is. He deserves a cool intro! Drum Roll Please!

**** Drum Roll ******** Drum Roll ******** Drum Roll ******** Drum Roll ****

Presenting to you:
Captain Ronald Chng Chee Gem

Yes Captain! 3 Bars leh brotherrr. Not only that! This captain AIRBORNE leh. Jump here jump there one. There’s more! Ranger!!! Plus Guards! WAHHH KHAKI Beret leh. Mr Infantry is here to protect our country!

But why you no protect your mouth?

Captain Ronald Chng Chee Gem commented on the post saying: “Only eat gril between 13 to 16 lah. Virgin eater!!”

Lets clarify some stuff.

1) I love to eat Gril too! Gril food are so yummy and healthy too!

2) Did the article say the Sultan FEASTED on the girls/grils? hmmm.

3) Virgin eater? Only Girls 13-16 are virgins? Then 17 and above all not virgin la is it? So you saying when you got married your wife also not virgin la. Im not insulting your wife, No im not captain. Im simply trying understand what you’re saying.

Im utterly disappointed that a captain in the army has such behaviour. Its really such a disgrace. I also happen to notice a JCC(Jungle Confident Course) badge on your number 3 uniform, which was pointed out to me by a friend. And to my surprise, in order to be able to get that badge, you have to survive for 9 days in a thick jungle in BRUNEI.

You go training in Brunei, using their facilities and you still dare to DISS THE SULTAN?!

Mind you, he has an army rank of 5 stars. You have 3 freaking bars and you DARE to DISRESPECT HIM? This is truly unacceptable coming from a Captain In The Singapore Army. Shame on you! Like seriously.


Chee Gem 1 Chee Gem 2 Chee Gem 3 Chee Gem 4


Hate me or not, I do not care. This post is to show how undivided we are as a Country. Every 9th of August we sing ” One Singapore, One nation strong and free…..” . What one nation you talking about? Look at all this. People hating & disrespecting other religions. People tryna create a divide within the country.

EH come on la guys. Stop it. Enough is enough. Think before you speak! You could be discriminating an entire country or religion! Make peace or we shall all be in pieces…..

With that being said, I want to wish all Singaporeans Happy Holidays. Rest well & enjoy the long weekend!


Source: Sarah Melissa

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