Osman Sulaiman: Khaw Boon Wan Can Increase Popularity By Solving Jam At Land Checkpoints

Here’s how Mr Khaw Boon Wan the Transport Minister could increase his popularity now that he has assumed the most unwanted portfolio in the government’s department.

‘Steal’ a couple of millions from the PIC Bonus Grant Scheme and channel it towards relieving Woodlands checkpoint from massive congestion.

1. Set up extra 20 booths during peak hours. With extra booth, more manpower is needed. Deploy personnel specifically for peak hours operation.

2. Widen the CIQ car lanes from the existing 2 lanes. Currently only two car lanes serving hundreds of thousands of motorist before coming to the immigration booth.

3. Hire more personnel for security checks whenever there is a need to step up security. Much much more from existing.

The 5 billion PIC Bonus Scheme has remain largely ineffective in increasing the country’s productivity level. In recent news, we were told even pimps were claiming from this scheme.

Tax payer’s monies should always be maximized and put to efficient use. Arresting the issue of congestion can actually help to increase the nation’s productivity level.

Thousands of Malaysian and Singaporean workers travel in and out of Singapore everyday. Not having enough sleep just to beat the congestion will ultimately cause their work performances to dip and thus affect productivity.

Fatigue can affect productivity too. Instead of waiting hours to clear the jam, that amount of hours wasted is opportunity lost to further increase productivity.

Heavy congestion also have slight negative impact towards the country’s economy. We read about how a Singaporean stayed in JB hotel overnight just to avoid the jam. That is money spent overseas when it could have been spent internally to contribute to the economy.

Gallons and gallons of petrol wasted during the congestion. Carbon dioxide harmful effects on the environment and humans are also a concern.

It will not do wonders to the current productivity level. But I believe it will help towards achieving a positive effect. With this venture, everyone benefits. Motorist. Transport Minister. Government.


Source: Osman Sulaiman

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