Abang-Abang Melayu SCDF Put Out Fire At Causeway Point, Even Though They Just Ended 24Hr-Shift

This morning, 8 off-duty firefighters from Bukit Batok Fire Station were having breakfast in a food court at Causeway Point after their 24-hour shift when they saw excessive smoke emitting from one of the stalls.

They went to the kitchen to take a look and were alerted by the staff that a stove had caught fire. The Regular officer and 7 National Servicemen immediately sprang into action as their lifesaving instincts took over. 2 of them evacuated the staff from the kitchen while the rest evacuated other members of public to safety.

They extinguished the fire with a hose reel and fire extinguisher. Due to their quick thinking, the damage was confined to the kitchen stove and no one was injured.

Gentlemen, you have done us proud!

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Source: Singapore Civil Defence Force

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