Colossal Weddings: No Need To Cheat And Pretend To Be Us, We Welcome You To Join Us

I always tell my photographers to be loyal, sincere and honest in their craft. Sure it is not always the easiest way, but it is the most fulfilling way to live a life doing what you love. Photography for us, all 20 of us, is an escape. An escape from the day jobs, the part time jobs, the family dramas, the financial woes, the stresses of society, the workload from school & the constant struggle to keep up with peers. If we were in this for the money, we would’ve gone on to do something a lot more lucrative. But instead, we all chose photography.

And that’s the thing. We’re not here to sue other photographers. What benefit do I get from a lawsuit against a 17 year old kid? The whole reason Colossal Photos & Colossal Weddings was set up was to create a support network & protect the rights of photographers who were being taken advantaged of. And we’ve done exactly that and will continue to do so. We’ve managed to create an environment that bears no hierarchy, no envy, no malice, and have managed to put together individuals from the most unlikely of backgrounds. We’re truly a family unit, and I love every single one of the guys on my team. And we, in turn, hold the brand close to our hearts.

So when we get word of people outside of Colossal using the brand for their own selfish purposes, the knee jerk reaction is protect the brand first and claim ownership of it. We’ve always kept quiet about it even though it has happened a few times in the past. However tonight was different, and I guess we couldn’t keep quiet anymore. We shared, shamed, wrote our opinions and lashed out on these people. However, these are very same people that we have worked day in and day out to protect. Yes, it is wrong to blatantly disregard etiquette just for a few bucks, but how we approach these problems must change. I felt we truly lost sight of what we’re fighting for for a couple of moments tonight.

From now onwards, we’re going to take a different approach. If you’re truly passionate, honest, and sincere about learning photography and being part of Colossal, our doors are always open. There is no need to lie, deceive, manipulate clients just to get the job. It’s a small world, a smaller industry, and an even smaller community, so naturally, word gets around quickly. We can help you get that job with honesty & integrity, and you can most definitely help us out as well.

A 17 year old, claiming to be part of the Weddings team just to get ahead. The damage to Colossal? Probably minimal. But I think the damage we did to her tonight might end up being a lot worse than expected. I would hate for someone to quit photography just because of what happened tonight. To a lot of people, photography is just a hobby, a fad, a phase, a risk, a kid’s job. But to some, it is the only language we know. And I wouldn’t know what to do if someone took that away from me.

I understand from the people I’ve spoken to today that this is not the first time that she’s done this to other photographers. I’d like to reach out to whoever you are, to give me a call on my mobile or message me on Facebook, and I’d like to invite you to see what the team at Colossal truly stand for. And maybe, just maybe, in the future you’ll be an amazing photographer with great intentions, integrity and dignity to hold your own.


Source: Afiq Omar

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