Malacca Woman Escapes Bond And Enjoy Life In Canada, Singaporean Guarantors Left To Suffer

Admin tolong share about this cheat. For the benefit of the community

Ong Aik Seng

This woman frm Malacca study at NUS…after that she want to do her Masters & PhD at MIT in the States. At first a pvt company sponsor her and she got 4 friends from NUS to become guarantor. Total amount to S$700,000.  Not small amount. After that NUS took over the sponsorship from the company so she was supposed to return to Sg to serve her bond but she never come back.

At last the friends have to settle with NUS using their own hard-earned money. She and her family don’t want to be responsible and ignore the friends. Her family has business in Malacca. She herself enjoying life in Canada now with her well-paying job with the PhD that her friends are paying for.

NUS Malacca Cheat

This is very unfair to the friends who have their own family and the high cost of living in SIngapore to grapple with.

Government must be very careful to not give scholarships to foreigners who run away in the end. Better give the money to more deserving Singaporean students who may not be as smart, but overcome more problems to get to where they are.

I also know our community sometimes very giving and very soft-hearted…everything also ok. People borrow from loanshark also they don’t mind become guarantor. Then we are the ones who suffer. If we can help in other ways, by all means. But be very careful before you agree to become guarantor. if not become like this.


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