Stop This Singaporean Spreading Hatred Between Muslims And Christians

This intolerant person by the name of Elisa Thulasirani is spreading hatred between Christians and Muslims in Singapore by posting crap like this in her Facebook (refer to pictures). Some of the messages are pretty contradictory, wonder did she really read through the Quran and Hadith or simply cut paste from misleading websites.

Does her religion teaches her to mock on other religions? There are tonnes of websites over the internet that publishes on the flaws and inconsistencies of the Bible but common sense ( if this lady has one) will tell you how authenticated these websites are. So get your facts right before blindly commenting on other religions.

Be civilized and learn to respect other religions. We are living in a multi cultural society. Keep your views on religion to your own pethatic self. I hope the authorities will look into this matter.

A.S.S. Contributor


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