CNY Greetings At Mosques – Usual Practice Or New Initiative To Appease Political Masters?

There are a couple of pictures of masajid in Singapura with red banners with the wishes “Happy Chinese New Year”.

There seems to be quite a lot of Muslims who are upset with these banners.

As a matter of principle, I do not have a problem with the banners or wishes.

As to its permissibility in Islam, I leave that to the scholars to decide.

If we believe that there is khilaf in this issue, then we have to respect the decision of those who believe it is haram and those who believe it is not.

However, I have several questions for the two masajid involved:

1. Did they similarly put up banners last year?

If they did, then it is fine.

2. If they did not put up banners last year, why put them up this year?

Are these banners in response to K Shanmugam Sc‘s comments?

It will be terribly disappointing if these banners were put up to appease a politician.

If they were only put up this year because of a politician’s comments, then where is the dignity and firmness of the Muslims?

Do we make decisions and fatawa to please others?

I hope the committee members of these two masajid can assure us that the banners were similarly exhibited last year.

And not only this year, to appease a politician who criticised Muslims.


Source: Almakhazin SG

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