My Malay Neighbour Unhappy With My 2 Year Old Child Crying And Playing, Harassed Us Frequently

Jiran i pun sama…diapun melayu juga..anak saya umur baru masuk tiga tahun..baik budak ni nanggis atau tengah bermainpun dia police lah…call HDB lah..

pekik sana pekik sini..tendang kita punya gate la..tapi herannya dia ta na cakap face to face dgn kita…

dia taruh letter kat semua letter box jiran..mengatakan kita ta lih didik anak…

nasib baik jiran yg lain semua paham and side kita…semua letter kita taruh balik ke letter box dia…padam muka dia…kita ta layan dia….

merekapun ada anak tp da besar..


My neighbours also the same….they are fellow Malays…My child is 2 years plus…whether the baby is crying or playing, they will be angry..they called the police and HDB

They screamed and shout…kicked our gate…but the funny thing is they have never complained to us face to face

They put a letter in all the neighbours’ letter box saying that we are not teaching our child.

Luckily the rest of our neighbours are understanding and side with us. All the letters they put back in their letter box.  Serve them right. Everyone ignored them.

They also have a child but is already grown up.


Editor’s Note: Endang Leatari was commenting on an All Singapore Stuff article,

Source: Endang Leatari

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