Malay Family: Chinese Neighbours Offered Us CNY Goodies, We Will Do The Same During Hari Raya

I usually do not write on the internet about such things, but I feel this needs to be shared for awareness.

I am your typical Malay neighbour. I stay on the fourth floor of a HDB in Admiralty with a family of three, including my wife and two children, next to a Chinese couple.

Today, the Chinese couple turned up at my door offering me goodies, kueh lapis, egg crackers and pineapple tarts. They say that it is for my family. I was touched and for a moment I didn’t know what to reply them except “thank you” and “Happy New Year”.

I discussed this with my wife and we both agree that we will return them the favour the next time during Hari Raya.

All this leads me to think about the things that were posted these past few weeks. When Mr Shanmugam says we Muslims are more separate from the others, how true is that? Maybe for some of the not so confident, it is confusing to wish others well on their festive holidays without confusing their own hearts for Allah.

Not for us, we appreciate what this couple has done for us, We will wish them Happy Chinese New Year and share with them our blessings when it is our festival.

A.S.S. Contributor


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