New Age Ustazah: Syifaa Mansor – She Can Pilot Planes, Speedboats

Ustazah Syifaa Mansor, pioneer batch alumni Irsyad under principalship of Sohibusamaha Dr Ustaz Fatris. Ustazah graduated from Al Azhar University with double degree and master from UK university. As a Research Assistant, she vets NIE students’ thesis.

Wow ! She has license to fly a private airplane, and license to drive a speed boat. Most important, she is very humble, always achored to her strong values.

Alhamdullillah, I had great pleasure and honor to be seated as panelist with this dynamic Khalifah fil ard at Warna 98.7 FM, Edisi PSLE at Orchard Hotel yesterday.


I post her photo while she was thousands feets above ground level to inspire you that, you too has great potential to be a future Khalifah fil Ard. One day, I would love to invite her here, her former primary and secondary school to meet present irsyadians insyaallah. Would you like to soar high like her?


Source: Noor Isham Sanif

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