Reckless Driver Refuses To Admit Fault, Almost Runs Over My Wife To Escape


On 26th Feb 2016, Friday at around 11.15pm, we were riding along Kallang Road on the 2nd lane of the road opposite from ICA building when a white Toyota Corolla SJW 9619S exited a side road and instead of entering the last lane, it simply went right into the 2nd lane despite moving traffic. It came right infront of and collided into us. A taxi even swerved ,missed it, stopped to help us and warned the driver because he was not only driving recklessly but also wasn’t even wearing his seatbelt! Car had 2 women in the back who suspiciously fled immediately after the collision and the 2 men in the car came out, apologised and felt they were not in the wrong, hesitated to stop at a safer place, kept insisting if we are alright and was rushing us to leave the scene to the hospital soon as I had pains. My wife managed to slowly get off the bike with minimal injuries but was traumatised while I hit my lower abdomen on the bike tank and was in pain. His friend suggested that we not block oncoming traffic, so we suggested that we head to the bustop ahead after taking photos to recover. Even at that point, he still kept going on that we looked alright. Getting his particulars slipped our minds repeatedly as he gave the wrong number twice and refused to call my handphone for the right number, even after typing the number and showing it to him, he still insisted that he gave the right number.

The moment we reached the hospital, they said we would have to pay for all medical expenses. My wife and I then saw that he seemed a little insincere so we decided that it’s best we call Traffic Police. Our biggest mistake was not doing it at the scene of the crime and trusting his act of honestly.

While we made the call, he immediately called someone else on the phone, started shouting, entered his car and tried to escape! He even tried to run over my wife at the A&E Carpark while trying to exit but she move away. I stopped him at the exit gantry and he inched forward even while I stood in front of his car and then moments later, he accelerated fast to run me over. I injured my knee and fell onto the front of his car in this 2nd collision. Many witnesses at the TTSH A&E lobby saw this and came to help, including 2 police officers who were on the compound due to an unrelated case. The officers ran to us and asked him to move his car to the side, he did and when their back was turned to him, he sped off escaping from the police as well! We have reported all of this and are still in hospital now but this man was ruthless and we are both traumatised both physically and mentally from all this. Even though we reported this, we were told by TP that they could not update us even now if they’ve contacted the guy or not.

This man looks in his late 50s, curly grey hair, around 1.65-1.75M tall, was dressed in a short-sleeved checkered shirt tucked in a formal pants. He claimed his name was Richard and gave me a false contact number before I tried the line and he finally gave me the right phone number for what seemed to be his spare phone (H/P: 81151714). He was accompanied by a shorter, malay-chinese looking man who claimed to be his friend and ‘brother’ who looked just a few years younger, was very well spoken and conversed in english to us (Hokkien to ‘Richard’ who could not speak english too well).

We would like to seek help from the public to find these kind souls who stepped up to help us and stand up for us in both incidents. Though we were in shock and could not obtain your contact numbers then, we need your help now as witnesses to this man’s rash act.

Please spread the word.
Justice must be served.

Thank you to all in advance and God Bless.


Source: Zayd Sofian

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