Online Shopping Scam: Man Ordered iPhone 6S, Gets Padlock Instead

Scams in the tech industry are a big-and-booming business. From cases of fake portable power-banks concealing bags of sand and blocks of metal to seem legitimate, to customers being sold dummy smartphones, it’s no wonder that many are hesitant to purchase electronic products through the internet.

A common sight on the internet's 'rage section', of a fake power-bank with bags of sand in it to make it seem real

Now, while many of us may think we’ve seen all the tricks of these ingenious tech conmen, the sly minority of the black tech trade who constantly endeavour the most creative of ways to rip off the money of consumers, blew us away once again with another cruel ploy.

Facebook user Alans Ng took to social media to share his story after he allegedly received asteel padlock instead of the iPhone 6S he ordered.

Ng allegedly ordered and purchased a brand new iPhone 6S online via 11 Street Malaysia, but was shocked when the parcel he received from the online distributor had nothing but a steel padlock encased within the packaging of the iPhone 6S.


According to Ng, the manufacturer blamed the distributor, claiming that someone in the distributor’s party had replaced the original content of the packaging with the steel lock.


Ng also adds that nothing seemed odd about the packaging upon receiving it, saying that the mobile phone’s packaging still had a layer of plastic wrap on it, verifying the fact that the courier services (Sky Net), had no part in this.


The plastic wrap, which was still intact, hinted at the fact that the distributor (11 Street Malaysia), tampered with the package and replaced its original contents with the steel padlock.

Below is Ng’s post on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 8.26.08 PM

Ng ends his post on Facebook by asking the responsible parties to investigate the matter thoroughly and provide him with a proper resolve.

It goes without saying that the entire incident is nothing short of humorous yet bitter.

That being said, we hope Ng finds closure and receives his iPhone 6S as promised.

What is your take on the incident? Who do you think is responsible for this?

Do let us know!


In a comment on his original post, Ng explained that he had just gotten a call from the seller, who asked him to return the package to them and that they would ship a genuine replacement to him no later than Wednesday.

The link to Ng’s original post on Facebook can be found here.


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