What Could’ve Happened If A White Horse Died Instead Of Dominique Lee?

An NSF died while in service through the negligence of SAF officers. In any democratic country, the government would have punished those responsible, issued an apology and paid fair compensation to the victim’s family. This would have permitted closure for the victim’s family and all parties to move on.

But under PAP’s pseudo democracy, all the government does is engage in half-truths to sweep its mistakes under the carpet. Perhaps only MINDEF is able to move on because a loophole in the law has allowed the government to save hundreds of thousands in compensation. Perhaps this is KPI related or maybe it’s about face saving.

In SAF’s clarification, it stated that “the two officers were summarily tried in 2013 for negligent performance of lawful order or duty, found guilty, and punished according to military law”.

Cpt Chia was one of the officers “punished” in 2013 for his negligent act in 2012. Within a year of the “punishment”, he was promoted to Major. No wonder Chia said he hoped Dominique’s family would find closure and “move on with their lives”. We can see that Chia did not only move on, he has moved up in his career, thanks to all his supportive superiors who somehow turned a blind eye to his conviction by the military court. The moral decay under the PAP should be of concern to Singaporeans: punishment = promotion when you happen to be on PAP’s side.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has now weighed in on the issue by announcing that his ministry should waive the $22,000 legal costs to be paid by Dominque’s family. Ng is still avoiding the issue of apology and just compensation. Ng made many motherhood statements but since he did not address the issue, we should not expect any closure for Dominique’s family.

Mindef is trying to save face and money but this is penny wise, pound foolish: it will take a very long time to regain Singaporeans’ trust after its reputation has been self damaged.

I have a son serving in the SCDF and a younger one enlisting next year. How am I to tell them to give their all after having witnessed SAF covering its own ass? Aren’t there many parents having the same thought?

Those who have gone through grief should be able to fully empathise with Dominique’s parents: any million dollar compensation wouldn’t have made a difference to their immeasurable loss. The closure which his mum has been seeking is something she deserves and is not unreasonable.

The PAP government must do the “right thing” and not apologise only at 2359 when its loss of power seems imminent.

If a white horse had died, wouldn’t Minister Ng have demanded accountability by having not only both officers hentak kaki for life but their superiors as well? Wouldn’t the servile press highlight SAF’s negligence day and night as well as the immense loss to the family of the dead white horse? Wouldn’t Minister Ng seek justice if his loved one had died due to others’ negligence?

For those who are still unable to empathise with Dominique’s family, you should touch your heart and ask yourself: Would you have made the same callous comments if a white horse had died? Would you even dare to utter your hope that the family of the dead white horse will move on with their lives knowing full well the issue of negligence has yet to be resolved?

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