How Many Michael Palmers And David Ongs Are There In PAP?

PAP MP David Ong has announced his resignation citing personal reasons, ie “personal indiscretions”.David, a Christian with three children, was having an affair with 41-year old Wendy Lim, an active member of the PAP Women’s Wing in Bukit Batok.

Image: ASS

In an interview with CNA, David said he would “appreciate if you can give me and my family the privacy to heal and rebuild”. It appears David has forgotten he has been a public figure since becoming an MP in 2011. He has also received close to 1 million tax dollars in MP allowance.

David has also received tax dollars as managing director of Red Dot Publishing which counts the Singapore Tourism Board as its main client. Its total annual circulation for maps in four languages is 3,200,000 copies.


Extramarital affairs is a reality of life, like it or not. It happens in the private sector, military, civil service and of course grassroots organisations. Thousands of affairs are happening at any one time, some with the knowledge of spouses, others not. The fact is women gravitate towards men with power, money or both.

David has a sort of ‘nice guy’ image online and many Singaporeans would like to let the matter rest. However, this is impossible because PAP has painted itself whiter than white, now into a corner.

The internet has a perfect memory and netizens have not forgotten the Yaw Shin Leong scandal, where the mainstream media and PAP went for the jugular.

In 2012, PAP Chairman Hara Kiri Khaw, who claimed to be a Buddhist, said that “…once a person enters politics, there is no difference between his or her public and private life” and he also did not hesitate to take pot shots at WP. What goes around has finally come around.

Should David should expect others to be forgiving, and we would really like to, while PAP continues to hit below the belt at every opportunity?

David was in an influential position and was privy to lots of confidential information. Did Wendy benefit from the relationship, besides sexually? This warrants an investigation.

David Ong won’t be the last PAP member to be caught with his pants down. The PAP has attracted self-serving men who are mostly after only money and power. Women in turn are attracted towards such men, no matter how useless to society they may be.

How many Michael Palmers and David Ongs are there?



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