Who Is Wendy Lim?

According to Lianhe Zaobao, Wendy Lim (林婉丽), 41, is a logistic executive who allegedly had an extra-marital affair with People’s Action Party (PAP)’s elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Bukit Batok Single Member Constituency (SMC), David Ong, 54. 

Ong announced his resignation from the PAP and as elected MP yesterday, citing “personal indiscretion”. Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong had accepted his resignation and will be calling for a by-election to fill up the vacated SMC.

Who is Wendy Lim?

Many netizens have been busy digging out photos and details about her to find out who is this woman who supposedly led to the destruction of a MP’s career.

From what I gathered on Sammyboy forum and Lim’s Linkedin page, she appears to be a career high flier in the logistics industry, holding the position of Deputy Honorary Treasurer at the Singapore Logistics Association and Group Sales Manager at Pacific Integrated Logistics Pte Ltd:




Wendy Lim also appears to be a big fan of the PAP and David Ong in particular. She is a member of the PAP Bukit Batok Branch Women’s Wing and there are many pictures of her at various PAP event. She appears to support David Ong fervently, including bringing cute caricature drawings and posters of Ong to root for him at events:













Interesting, many netizens have been lamenting on how ‘lucky’ David Ong was to score with a ‘lao chio’ like Wendy Lim, given his ordinary coffeeshop uncle look:


What do you think? Do you find the two of them compatible?

I am wondering among the 92 elected MPs in Singapore, how many of them might be having or had extra-marital affairs. These folks must be pissing their pants not to get discovered. The consequences are serious, judging from the recent string of ex-MPs like David Ong, Michael Palmer and Yaw Shin Leong who had to vacate their MP seats. 


Source: https://alvinology.com

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