MUIS – It Is Not Justifiable For Sultan Mosque To Chase Us Out Because A Minister Is Visiting

Dear Sultan Mosque – Singapore.

My friends and I were chased out of your public praying area by one of your staff around 5pm because a “minister” was visiting your premises. After our (5 of us) Asr prayers we sat down for a discussion about Islam matters and fiqh. Out of a sudden one of your staff came to us and told us to leave the premise because “5 or more people sitting in the prayer hall is an offence”.

Since when is this a rule in Allah’s house. What make matter worse when he go on and on about Isis and illegal gathering. As this is Allah’s house my friends and I just want to leave the hall without any unnecessary argument.

As we were taking our belongings to leave he added “as there will be a minister visiting this mosque, it is advisable for you guys to leave because this might be an ugly sight for the minister and the mosque.”

You know what? May Allah judge you and your organization for this appalling incident and niat. So a minister is greater than Allah?



Source: Saifudean Mead

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