Remembering Benjamin Lim And Dominique Sarron Lee At Hong Lim Park

A video we did for the two boys in yesterday’s memorial tribute.

Thanks to Dolly Peh and Gilbert Louis who helped out tremendously at the event in heavy downpour.

The three speakers Leong Sze Hian Zixu Augustin Lee and Timothy Toddall spoke beautifully for the boys.

Special mention must be made to Jagjit Singh who set up the sound and light system in the rain. Some of his equipment is now defective due to the rain which has seeped in.

Big thanks to the 100 brave souls who came and stayed on despite the rain. You guys rock!

Many of you are emotional and some choked on your words as you said your personal tribute at the event.

Let’s hope the family will find some comfort and closure with the memorial and that their death will not be in vain.

Injustice must be opposed at all cost or else we are saying we accept it.

RIP Benjamin and Dominique – you will be remembered.


Source: Gilbert Goh

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