Osman Sulaiman: Forget Get-Rich-Quick Schemes, Learn How To Become An Entrepreneur

Dear Friends,

Forget about MLM. Forget about all those so called get rich schemes. Forget about earning money by sitting down at home. Let’s get real. There is no shortcut to success.

Im sharing ideas where some serious money can be made. It will not make you rich but enough to sustain whatever lifestyle you wish and quit your mundane 9-5 job.

I’l be speaking at ‘The Real Entrepreneur Club’ on Friday 29 April 2016 @ 7.45pm together with my business partners, Ahmad Shukri Munir and Sumarleki Amjah, who are both successful in their own rights.

Let me know if you are really keen. I can sneak you in even if the seats are full. There will also be stand-up comedy by the famous comedian Mr Alias Kadir.

Its time to quit your job like what I did.


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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