Residents Should Be Tolerant Of Activities At Home United Youth Academy, Help Nurture Sporting Talents

Earlier we read how void decks were restructured to make it impossible for our kids to play anything there, especially football.


Because residents complained.

Now…even when our kids play in the field, complains flood the authorities.

We are not sure if the small minority who keep on complaining represents the silent majority, or simply the small minority is bullying the sports and the relevant authorities….

Whatever the case, it’s sad to see how some Singaporeans have become less communal, less tolerant and more individualistic.

The kind of intolerance demonstrated in this particular instance is simply intolerable if we want to see a more vibrant sporting scene in Singapore, or simply if we want to see our kids have a good weekend at sports or simply for them to have a good, clean and healthy fun with neighbours and friends.

Even though the Home United Youth Academy is a business entity, it is running a cause for the national sports interests – football. If this level of intolerance and bullying continues, we can forget about seeing the return of the likes of Fandi Ahmad and his generation of foodballers in Singapore. It’s as good as dead.


Source: Mohd Khair

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