Bazaar Geylang Stallholders Must Stop Monkey-See, Monkey-Do Mentality, Create Fresh Products

How do people expect to succeed when doing business when they are just monkey see, monkey do? I have visited bazaar at Geylang, Tampines and Woodlands, and no guesses what the trend for this year. Drinks (particularly Thai milk tea) served in BIG cups and BIG sotongs. Then one do ondeh-ondeh, all do ondeh-ondeh. So if everyone is selling similar things, how do you make money?

Isn’t the point of business is to sell something that sets you apart from your competitors? The selling point of YOUR product. But it is so typical to see one person doing well, so let’s all sell the same things.

And then you wonder why the watermelon volcano is doing well… and no guesses that it is not Malay owned. Hmmmm.


Source: Renny Rahman

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