Give Free Food To Foreign Workers Because #itfeelsgoodtodogood

Was at Starbucks this afternoon to get coffee for tennis-weary parents when I saw the counter staff clearing away all the food as they were closing.

I asked if they would let me take it away for migrant workers and they sweetly agreed. So they handed me 2 bags of pastries, muffins and sandwiches (all very kindly warmed up) and I was lucky enough to find workers right down the road.

The workers were delighted of course, and as I turned back after handing them the food I saw them all happily snacking, sitting on the pavement.

Am going to try and do this every Saturday at 4pm (closing time for this Starbucks) if I can. And any of you who are at a food-bearing venue near closing time, do try it because ‪#‎itfeelsgoodtodogood‬.


Source: Itsrainingraincoats

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