Aku Tak Kenal Siapa Shia

I never had a friend who is Shia or anything other than Sunni. I was brought up in Singapore as a normal Muslim child. went to school, had a decent education and made several friends of different ethnicity.

As i grew older, i had to fill up more forms like the G50, insurance papers or even resume and interview details of myself, and i got to know about my sect. that was when i learnt that i am a sunni. embarrassingly, i was a drop out from religious school back then when i was younger due to certain circumstances so this was something new to me. “Ini kau letak je sunni”, that was what i was told to write by a friend without any hesitation. And i still remembered it till today.

So out of curiosity i asked him what the other side of sunni was (if there is any) and i was told about Shia. A small community of muslims that are of different teachings from us that we should not really speak of or supposed to know of. It was a surprise to me but i did not pursue the issue any further. Perhaps i would never know anything more anyway.

I don’t know anything about shia or who are these shias in singapore. some people say that they may be among us and we would not know it. the question now comes down to how can we effectively embrace everyone in Islam, if there are like “closeted” muslims living around us though abiding by the same religion Islam? can they come out? Or are they not supposed to come out?


Teh O

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