New Malay President When Elected Will Be A Shame To The Malay Community

The new malay president when elected will be a shame to the malay community in singapore. Just mark my words. If the current public servants now are talam dua muka, What good is there to look for in a president that is going to be malay just because the government say so.

Potential candidates (that is likely picked by PAP) who applies for the position is to be assess by the new community committee to be verified of his or her ethnicity and eligibility. How far back are they going to trace his and his family’s DNA to make a sound and accurate assessment? Eligibility wise, Singaporeans generally know who has already been chosen if not yet. What is the point of the elections then right?

Those whose names was published recently as potential candidates are now in the spotlight. For those who want to contest, i say good luck. But for those who is going to decline to participate or like Yacob in particular who gave his reasons for not doing so are just being a prick. Who would actually believe that anyone given a chance to get a $4 million paycheck for doing nothing will turn it down. Spare us citizens from the lame excuse of liking the work you doing now just because it is “affecting” Singaporeans. It doesn’t even sound right. So much for serving the citizens.

No point having a Malay president for the sake of almost 50 years of not having one. One statement says it all. The malay taking that role is a shame to our malay community. we never asked for this in this way and there will never be justice in this. I’m sure many feel this way too.


B. Doh

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