Former Certis Cisco Convicted For Playing Russian Roulette With Service Revolver

A former auxiliary police officer from Certis Cisco who fired his revolver in a game akin to Russian roulette was convicted on Tuesday (Jan 24) of committing a rash act endangering human life.

Gregory Lai Kar Jun, 23, was on duty at Tuas Checkpoint on Aug 13, 2015, when he emptied the revolver of five bullets and placed them on a table. He loaded the weapon with one bullet, pointed the revolver towards the ground and squeezed the trigger.

When nothing happened, he squeezed the trigger again. This time, the weapon fired. Lai had fired the weapon in a confined space – a small room measuring about 2.7m by 1.7m with his colleague standing about 1m away.

Lai and his colleague Muhammad Dzul Adhar, then corporals with security firm Certis Cisco, found the spent round and hid it inside a traffic wand. To cover up his tracks, Lai went to a restroom at the checkpoint and threw a second bullet into a toilet bowl.

The next day, he reported the loss of two bullets to the Tuas Checkpoint operations room.

In the meantime, Dzul agreed to help Lai dispose of the spent round. He transferred the bullet from the traffic wand to a cigarette box, before throwing the round into Bedok Reservoir in the early hours of Aug 14, 2015.

Dzul was last year jailed for three weeks and fined S$2,000 for intentionally obstructing the course of justice and for failing to give information to the police about Lai’s crime.




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