Ex-Policeman Loses Appeal, Death Sentence Upheld For Kovan Double-Murder

Former policeman Iskandar Rahmat will not be spared the noose for the Kovan double murder in July 2013.

The Court of Appeal on Friday (Feb 3) upheld his two death sentences for viciously stabbing to death Mr Tan Boon Sin, 67, and his 42-year-old son Chee Heong.

The murder weapon, a knife, was never found.

Iskandar, 37, was found guilty and sentenced to death on Dec 4, 2015. Justice Tay Yong Kwang had said that he had “no doubt” the former policeman, facing bankruptcy and dismissal from the force, intended to kill the elder Mr Tan for his money.

When Mr Tan’s son got home “at the most inopportune moment” and witnessed his father’s murder, “he quickly became collateral damage”, Justice Tay had said.

Father and son died of multiple stab wounds to the face, neck and chest.




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