Muslim Netizens Up In Arms Over Irresponsible Islamophobic Comment

Some in the Malay-Muslim community are up-in-arms over a comment found in Ambassador-at-large, Bilahari Kausikan’s Facebook post. A Facebook user commenting on the ambassador’s sharing of Reuters article, ‘Trump says new order on refugees is not a Muslim ban’, said: “Who cares! Just kill all these scum with their filthy poisonous religion!”

Several commenters responding to the user, Lee Chok Yew’s comments expressed strong objections to his remarks. Some felt that it called for genocide of a particular religious group, while the ambassador asked the commenter to “play nice”.

Facebook user Nizam Ismail flagged Lee’s comment as “irresponsible and probably criminal in nature”, and suggested that he retracted it “with a large dose of contrition”.

Sharing screengrabs of the conversation in the Facebook page ‘Suara Melayu’, Nizam said that his comments has crossed the line and that “someone is reporting this to the authorities.”

“The sad truth is that Lee Chok Yew is probably not the only one with such vile thoughts,” he added.

Some commenters responding to the post in the Facebook page felt that Bilahari’s response to Lee was “awful”.

Facebook user Syed Alwi Ahmad said: “Bilahari should have been more stern in his response. This just goes to show that the veneer of niceties is just skin thick.”

Nizam also shared screengrabs suggesting that the user is with Dennis Wee Realty Pte Ltd. He said that the matter has been escalated to the real estate company.



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