MLM Company: Work 10 Hours A Week From Home, Earn $4000

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So I’m trying to sleep but can’t because I am seriously disturbed. I went to an Amway meeting earlier today, after someone approached me with a “business opportunity”. I immediately suspected that something was off, so I came into the meeting skeptical and even secretly took some videos.

They drew a pyramid scheme model during the presentation and tried to argue that it isn’t; they talked about income earners as Employees/Self-employed/Business owners/Investora and tried to argue that everyone in Amway is a business owner… the saddest part is that all these uni kids who have been brainwashed into thinking that they’re business owners are actually the very employees that they dissed on in their presentation. No, they’re worse actually, they’re the product.

There were quite a few attendees to the meeting, many of whom were students. One was even a business student… while I’m sure some of them caught on as the seriously dodgy Amway videos were being played, I noticed the majority were already being lured in. After the meeting, there was a chat session with the upline (the person who recruited you), and some of the clueless participants were expressing intense interest. A few more families are gonna be ruined and I really wish I had just shouted out to everyone that it was basically a scam.

I did try to argue with several of the uplines after the meeting was over. It went smth like this:

“How is this not MLM?” “Do you know what the Singaporean law defines as MLM? If not, you should do your homework and come talk to us again. But basically, MLMs require a large startup cost, but Amway doesn’t have that.” “But in order to join this business, I have to pay a subscribers fee and buy all my household products from Amway instead right?” “Yes, but the subscribers fee is only $70. Also, you need household products anyway, so it’s not a real cost”
After this point, they just kept repeating smth along the lines of “Ok, I can explain to you in detail, but it will take very long. Why don’t you come for the next meeting and we can explain further?”

Also, at the end of the presentation, the presenter stated that we can earn $4000 a month for working from home 10 hours a week. Of course, they didn’t state that that’s only possible when you have a shit ton of downlines. In fact they framed it in a way like as if that’s the starting pay when you join

What really made me sick was when they had a bunch of people go up and give testimonies, saying how their “mentor” helped so much with their life and transformed them into better people. Three around the words “integrity”, “honesty”, etc no less than 30 times. This is probably the closest to Scientology that I will experience in Singapore. It was like Christian Fellowship except the God is money and the Bible are the complete bullshit fluffass books written by the successful Amway “businessmen”. And instead of trying to do good, they’re trying to frame “scamming your friends and family” as good.

TL;DR: Witnessed first hand Amway’s recruiting tactics. Please be skeptical if anyone ever tells you about a “business opportunity”. If you hear “Amway” or see someone draw you a pyramid diagram, run.


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