I’m From Low Income Family How Can I Get $9,806 Help From Government Schemes?

The survey also showed that households living in one-room and two-room HDB flats received more government transfers than those in larger flats or landed property.

On average, resident households in one-room and two-room HDB flats received $9,806 per household member from various government schemes in 2016. This was almost double the average of $4,168 received per household member across all housing types.

straightforward i frm low income, my wife look after my 3 childrens.for me i work dispatch.  altho we low income but we are happy as family.sometime wen i haf xtra i buy mcdonalds happy meal for my childrens bday.

simple life is ok for us.as long i can send my childrens to school its ok whatever struggle is ok and we always pray to Him.

what it is we will be syukur for the $9806 they say is give to people stay in 1 and 2 rm flat.not to be ungrateful what help we get now but the 9k is mean very much for us.what is the guideline for people who get that?



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