Ismail Kassim: World Cannot Remain Neutral On Israel Oppression Of Palestine

With the arrival of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu today for an overnight visit, let’s give him a warm welcome and also take the opportunity to look at the ME conflict in perspective and set the record straight.

By now, it has become clear – to those who want to see – that the Israelis prefer to seize captured land rather than peace and have no compunction of oppressing the Palestinians and treating them as a conquered people.

Under the circumstances, to stay on the side lines and to insist on being neutral is tantamount to supporting the aggressor.

Let’s look at the record:

1. By now, the Israelis have killed more innocent Palestinians than IS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups have killed non-Muslims.

2. More Muslims have died at the hands of IS and gang than non-Muslims.

3. The main beneficiary of IS bloody rampage is Israel.

4. The biggest losers everywhere are Muslims.

5. I cannot rule out the possibility that this so-called IS Caliph is actually a Mossad and CIA agent.

6. IS suicide volunteers have blown themselves up in vain.

7. The Caliph and his followers can do the world no better favour than to blow themselves up.

8. Hitler oppressed the Jews for about7 years but Israel have ill-treated and lorded over the Palestinians for more than 50 years.

Should the world continue to stay on the side lines and remain neutral, satisfy only in making empty appeals, to both parties to resolve their conflict peacefully?


Source: Ismail Kassim

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