Netizen: Singaporeans Should Stop ‘Choping’ Seats With Tissue Paper

A netizen, Davi Beschizza, has shared her views about the Singapore culture of reserving seats in crowded eating places using objects such as tissue papers.

According to Davi, she encountered a young man seated at a hawker centre waiting for 6 of his companions to order their food. She was carrying an umbrella, a handbag and a tray with a bowl of very hot soup and was looking for a seat for herself.

When she asked the man if the seats were taken, the man replied affirmatively.

She started to comment that it was not fair for the man to reserve the entire table while his friends were ordering food, and said that it was not fair for her as she did not have the luxury of having someone to “chope” a table for her.

She and the man got into an argument. Davi eventually forced the entire group to relocate to another table, leaving the table open for herself.

She wrote: “I do not believe this kind of behaviour is any style at all, let alone “Singapore style”. There are no positives to this habit of reserving tables. It has gone on for long enough.”


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