Disappointing And Unpleasant Experience At The Only Halal Nasi Padang Stall In Area

Something to share.

Please don’t condemn me okay. I’m just sharing. Might be the rental is expensive or whatever other reasons.

I am working at Parkway Parade and as we all know that the only halal Nasi padang stall is at the market food court (hawker centre). Me and my colleagues have been controlling our patience on how the Makcik and the prices of the food.

The food is not fantastic, it’s something like ‘no choice, nothing to eat’ kinda thing.

Today I bought 3 packets of rice.
1) Rice+ikan belado(a small piece)+ bende goreng : $4.50
2) Rice+Ayam lemak Cili padi+ KanKong goreng:$4.50
2) Rice+ikan belado(a small piece)+ kankong goreng+bagedil : $5!

I asked her if the bagedil is $0.50? She said yes! Why why why? I am not trying to bring people’s business down but she is asking for it. We are familiar faces to her but we still get treated so badly. It’s like she is always in a bad mood!

We ever had Nasi Padang with a sour-y tasted sambal belacan! Which we had to throw the whole pack cause the sambal belacan was everywhere!

If she is nice to people maybe we can still close one eye. But no.

The picture below is my $4.50 rice.


Source: Zafyrah Zaid


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