Khan Osman Sulaiman: Is Masagos Zulkifli Encouraging Coffeeshop Talk Instead Of Serious Debate In Parliament?

Hope to meet Minister Masagos outside of parliament so that I can ask him point blank about what he thinks about the gov who discriminate against people who wear the tudung.

Apparently, if someone raises the issue in parliament, it is sowing discord and divisiveness.

Parliament is the place you raise issues brought up by the citizen. If raising sensitive issues in parliament is trying to sow discord, then where else? Coffeeshop?

I don’t blame Masagos. He is the mouthpiece of the PAP and the gov. He isn’t the representative of the community. On that role, he has done wonderfully well to serve his employers and collecting a hefty paycheck.

He has conveniently forgotten that his ticket to parliament was through minority representation in a GRC. He joins Minister Ng Eng Hen who tried to insinuate in parliament that Faisal Manap only brought up minority issues.

Indoctrinated much.


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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