How A Chance Meeting While Queuing For Beer Set Penniless Minah Rocker On The Path To Allah

Last Saturday night, I was at 7-11 buying mineral water while i was having dinner with my sisters. There was this young Malay girl queuing in front of me. She was really a rocker with her short torn jeans. When it was her turn, she didnt realize she did not have enough cash to pay for her cigarette and liquour. Her hp battery was flat. She lost her ATM card. The cashier was really making lots of noise. Its almost turning into an ugly scene. So I step up to pay for the amount she needed. She was so shocked to hear I am willing to pay. She turned to me saying “Abg ni benda haram saya beli. I replied: I give you the money because you need the money. Whatever you do with the money, is between you and Allah, none of my business. She was taken back. She remained in silence for a while. I told the cashier to calm down. I know the queue is getting longer but just be nice and patient with her. I said she is going through tough times right now. All of us go through such moments in our life. Just be good to others.

Out of a sudden, she changed her mind. She said I am gonna only buy cigarette. I dont want the liquor. I was like ok. I thought she left for good or maybe she was embarrassed by what happened she did not want to buy the liquor. When I exit the store, she was outside waiting for me. She was smoking gently, her eyes was like about to shed some tears. I smiled and said to her “Are you ok? You need help? You need money? You are in trouble? I continue : I gotta go back to the food place where my wife and sisters are waiting. She was just walking beside me saying “You know what Abg, maybe sometimes, we are looking for miracles but Allah is kind to give us an ease when we meet some strangers . I replied to her, that is how Islam started “As strangers”. It grew because the Prophet sallahu alaihi wa sallam build the community for everyone to know each other in loving and taking care of each other.

As we reach the gate of masjid sultan, she raise her hands in saying “Allah always listen to our prayers but it is our expectation is making us disappointed with ourselves. O Allah today I learn you are so kind, generous, etc I am so poor yet YOU enriched with YOUR guidance and hope in my soul.

This morning, she msg me saying “The first time I did solat tawbah as how you had taught me, free my mind, my heart and my life, I was release from the prison of the self. it was really out of this world. Fajr was just another day when the sun rise, we said Alhamdulilah, Allah is there to take care of us.


Source: Khalid Ajmain

*Editor’s Note: Picture, from, is strictly for illustration purposes.

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