Beware: Renovation Company Cheating Customers Again After Several Years Passed

Dear Friends,
If you see this couple running a company please don’t trust and make any payments. Now the company is under this name (Carpentry Interior Works Pte Ltd) but you will never know when they will change the company name again. They don’t bother how you suffer paying your loan back to the bank or etc. To them as long u pay them is enough but they won’t complete your job. Office is longer operating at Telok Kurua or Yishun. I wonder where would the next LOCATION & COMPANY BE???


**** Make these scammers famous****

This women Sharlyne real name Husniyati Binte Omar & her husband Andre Yu real name Aszrul Yusoff are scammers! They have cheated me a total of $15,100 for my renovation. Took a deposit from me of $500 in early Feb and waited for me to apply my renovation loan with DBS bank.. which was approved in March.. I received my chq and gave it to them on 5/4/2017 she promised to start work immediately but when I texted her she asked me to come down to the office to sign another agreement so I contacted her again to check when to go down..she didn’t reply.. tried to look for her company’s facebook but couldn’t seem to find it! After a few day’s I come to find out that she has been arrested for cheating..

I made a police report and was advised to go to CASE TRUST went there today but was told nothing can be done if the company is no longer operating so they just took a report for formality sake. I can’t believe we got cheated. I have been suffering and just got my house after 6yrs and now when I finally when i get my house this happens to me.

They’ve cheated many other people as well I’m not the only one.

Both her office has been shut down

1) 308 Telok Kurau Road, #01-18 Vibes @ East Coast Singapore 423858.
2)A’posh Bizhub, Yishun Industrial St 1 #03-01.

I really hope something could be done about this I feel devastated about what has happened.

Please be aware of her & her husband! She’s has 7 kids I don’t understand how she could do this to another family?? How would she feel is this was one of own flash and blood?

I remember clearly of her saying “I’m giving you my hand please don’t bite it” WELL DONE! who has bitten who’s hand!!! Bloody bitch!

Now I have lost $14,600 + $500 (Deposit) where no work is done at all for my renovation plus I have to pay the bank back with interest of $16,600 total amount is $31,700! That’s alot of money to me I don’t even earn that in 1 year! I feel lost on what to do! She’s going to pay for this!

My sister has also engage her service’s and got cheated too. Lucky my sister’s amount is not as much as mine but it’s still money and we’re not rich! We really hope all the truth about her will come to light. We have wasted so much time and money on this two people!

Please share and make her famous!!!




Apparently, the couple and the company they own have scammed several victims since 2014 where we had a similar post about the scam. It is likely that they have been arrested based on photos taken from Photos of the couple is also available here.

Sadly, cheating companies can continue operating and they can even turn an occasional profit.

Do a keyword search for the company and include the term “scam” and you’ll find all of the complaints about shoddy products and substandard service. And yes, those are the ones you want to avoid. Right about now, you should also look out for “Sharlyne / Andre / Sherie / Reshea Carpentry Design Works/ Carpentry Interior Works Pte Ltd” when looking for renovation company to engage their services.

Have you been cheated by this particular scammers or any other renovation companies? Share your encounter with us at Rilek1Corner.



Source: Renovation Scam Carpentry Design Pte Ltd

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