Responsible Cat Owner Targeted By Neighbours, Ordered By HDB To Remove Cats

It’s happened again. A responsible owner is being targeted by neighbours and HDB has taken action by asking her to remove her cats. She has one month to do so.

Neighbours complained to RC about Serene allegedly talking loudly to cats, singing to them and at times slamming her doors. RC informed HDB , so HDB ordered removal of cats.

She has 3 cats. 2 she had kept for 12 years , the other for 6 years. Sterilised and kept indoors. She lets them walk around her doorstep supervised.

One of the cats has liver failure and doesn’t have much time left. HDB is granting her one month extension to rehome the cats.

Our mediators are fighting for Serene. If it is a noise issue, HDB can bring 2 parties together to settle this amicably. If you believe this action is unjust on Serene, lend her your voice now.



Source: Cat Welfare Society

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