Husband Of Alleged MRT Seat Hogger Set The Facts Straight

Am the Husband of the lady whose pic has been posted without her permission . Am the guy sitting right next to her . Let me get the facts straight .

For a major portion of the journey my Son was sitting on the seat . He felt sleepy and climbed into her mothers lap. During the entire journey no one , absolutely no one came and asked for the seat .

There were other empty seats available , intact on my left . So my question is why did Whing want to sit on a seat that’s reserved for kids , physically handicapped ppl and elderlies . Whing never came and asked for the seat and she is blatantly lying here . There were many seats available .

We are involved in multiple charities in Singapore and stupid racial comments is the last thing we want to hear.

This post violates the privacy of my family and is made with malicious intent only to get eyeballs. To all those who are Jumping to conclusions ,it’s my humble request to please read this message and let truth win. My Wife and kid are being victimised unnecessarily .

I request this post to be taken off immediately and I am going to report this matter to police .


Source: Akshat Tiwari

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