Cat Gruesomely Murdered At Bukit Batok, Police Report Made

Twitter user harleen shared disturbing photos of her murdered cat along the HDB stair well at Bukit Batok West Ave 7. She claimed that a neighbour could be responsible for this heinous act. The cat allegedly had its head smashed against the wall and threw down the stairs from the trauma at the right side of its head.

“My cat was murdered at Bukit Batok West Avenue 7. We suspect that my cat somehow sneaked out of my house and a neighbor smashed his head and threw him down the stairs. There’s a trauma at the right side of his head where most of the blood is coming from. He’s only 10 months fucking old i swear to god whoever who did this to Dan i hope you fucking rot in hell.

honestly we’re in shock but they never dare to venture out of the house. the furthest they went is always at our shoe rack. my cats aren’t ever a nuisance. they stay in my bloody house and never go around meeting other strays or even disrupting other homes

update: so I’ve met up with the police and ava officer and while the police checks the cctv, we’ve hand over Dan’s body to the awa for post mortem to figure out his cause of death. we’ve ruled out poisoning and falling from my house window as i live on the 10th storey. currently undergoing investigation and I’ve handed over my cat for post mortem to find out cause of death


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