Real Estate Agent: Malay Family Look Down On Me Just Because I Ride Kapcai

Today i learnt a very deep lesson. I went for viewing for one of my unit on sale. Upon reaching, i parked my bike at the tong sampah lot.

A family walked passed me and i overheard them said this. “Ingat agent2 kaya2, yg ni dtg bawa kapcai. The whole family laughed.”

How judgemental can our community be?
I wasnt hurt or sad by what is being said because i know myself better than them. I didnt said anything because i dont want to waste my time since i have a bigger fish to catch.

📍This bike has been with me since 2008.
📍Never gave me any problem.
📍The reason for me meeting my fiancee family in the hospital.
📍Closed my 1st deal riding this.
📍Parents gi terawih naik ni.

On the brighter side, buyer look happy with viewing and wanted second view. Kater la ape kau nak asalkan, ada org option rumah itu insyallah.



Source: Hermie Malek

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