Traffic Police Station Inspector Went Beyond Call Of Duty To Ensure The Safety Of A Stranded Malaysian Motorcyclist And I

On 23 June, about 1830hrs,I was coming home from work via PIE towards Tuas on my scooter.

Just after Bukit Batok East exit, I saw a Malaysian rider struggling to start his bike on the road shoulder, as his throttle cable had snapped.

As another rider, it is quite sad to see him stranded by the road shoulder as Hari Raya is coming this weekend and he is on his way home to JB from his workplace at Changi

I rendered my assistance to bring him over to the nearest workshop around that area to buy the parts.

We got back to his bike and start fixing his cable, I decide company him as afraid he might not able to converse in English.
Shortly saw an expressway patrol car (QX889A) slowed down and stop behind us, a station inspector greeted with a smile, asking whether is everything alright, and do we need any EMAS towing.

Soon after, another patrol car arrived at the scene tries to assist us both in the situation. As soon it’s about 7.14pm, the 2nd car officers remind me to break-fast 1st and they need to leave as to attend a case.

The station inspector still stay throughout with us till the skies are quite dark, he told me at least the blinkers which is on the police car will warn away the rest of the motorist in case they might crash to both of us bikers.

Such a simple care and gesture using his patrol car to protect us from the rear in case of any mishaps.

Finally as the rider has completed fixing his cable, he escorted out back to the expressway safely as traffic is quite heavy.

Kudos to that TP Station Inspector whom I forgot to take his name down.

But I managed to take down the patrol car plate number, hopefully you guys could able to find out who was the helpful Hero


Source: Muhammad Fithri

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