Osman Sulaiman: No Hope Of PAP Malay MPs Speaking Up On Oxley Issue

PM Lee is going to make a ministerial statement in parliament [today] regarding the allegations made by his siblings. Party whip has been lifted and PM Lee has urged all our MPs to question him robustly.

I dont think there will be any meaningful questions from the PAP MPs. Who would question their superiors in the real world? So this ministerial statement is just nothing but a smoke screen to appear to be upfront.

Halimah Yaacob has spoken and said that she hopes Oxley Road dispute will be ‘properly debated’.

Who among those MPs will fire the first salvo? Definitely not the Malay PAP MPs. They are known to acquiesce to anything the PAP wanted even at the expense of the community.

Instead of being the voice for the people, they are the voice of the PAP.

I’ve long ago lost hope on ‘our representative’ to stand up for us. This is why I ventured into politics. Our voices are not heard in parliament often enough.

I would put my hope more on the non Malay Mps to speak up. Our Malay PAP MPs are just too weak politically and emasculated to be fighting for us.


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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