(Malaysia) Man Hiding In Ladies’ Toilet Cubicle At Shell Station Attempted Rape On Unsuspecting Victim

At about 11:30AM on 13 July 2017, a family was on the way to Kuala Lumpur and decided to stop at Shell station Batu 30 Machang to rest and buy some drinks. The in-law of the story contributor claimed that his sister in-law went to the toilet and almost got raped by a man who was hiding in one of the 4 toilet cubicles.


As the victim was in the toilet cubicle, the suspect climbed up from the next-door cubicle and started molesting the victim while attempting to rape her. Thanks to her loud cries and shouting in the midst of defending herself, passersby came to her rescue and apprehended the suspect. Be careful guys, if you are all stopping at any R&R / petrol kiosks when traveling overseas. Make sure that ladies are accompanied at all times wherever they go to prevent similar cases from occurring.


Source: Oh My Media


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