“Papa Jiyahat” Hero Of The Day, Saves School Girl From Boyfriend Jantan Kelepek

Today I am truly Papa Jiyahat.
Boy in civillian dates girl in sch uniform.
Boy asked girl for money to place order.
Girl dug through purse. 
Boy peeped from behind her shoulders.
Girl gave boy a stack of $2 notes.
Boy grinned.
Papa Jahat intervened.
Eyes enlarged.
Asked boy to return money.
Eyes still enlarged.
Asked girl to keep money.
Eyes still enlarged.
“I will tell ur parents.”
Eyes still enlarged.
He said sorry.
She said sorry.
I told them to go home.
I shudder to think any of my kids/students going through this.
They could have been my/your kids but they need to be taught – yg pompan jgn mudah termakan pujukan & yg lelaki jgn jadi jantan kelepek mkan hasil pompan.
… saya tak kepo.
Nama saya Jahat.
Kalau Papa Kepo xde nilai commercial.


Source: Zaidy Nandir

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