Woman Use Data, Wifi, To Let Child Watch Youtube Videos, Now Saddled With Almost $200 Bill

For those who’s using Samsung S8 or S8plus better be aware of this.. I was so shock upon seeing my wife’s HP bills.. How could u actually exceed more than 7GB when u had wifi at home?¿ So, my wife, Hazel Lyna decides to call Starhub Cust Care & enquire about those exceedingly amount of data & to her surprised, he told that my wife wasted to much datas on YouTube..

He told that if u are on any other apps that are still running, make sure to check & close those window/tab everytime.. So on my wife’s situation here.. Every morning before sending my son to his childcare centre, she would let him to watch the YouTube.. At all time she would just exit the window/tab by pressing the home button.. Without her realizing that the apps is actually this still running & will auto play to the next following videos.. So just to inform, make sure u exit every window/tab properly.. trying my best to type in english.. sorry for my improper english.. kiam chye.. rojak.. 


Source: Zizi Fahrol

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