Check Your Phone Bills – You Might Have Been Scammed

Please check your phone bills for this item “Buongiorno-Gamein”. You might have been scammed if you see that item.


Hi all, please take note of this “Buongiorno-Gamein” in your phone bill, I believe this to be a scam after I googled this online. My mum’s phone bill reflected this (refer to picture) and upon checking the google account, my mum did not subscribed to any paid content or games.

Also check this news article from Straits Times:…/verify-that-subscription-is-r…

A few ways to prevent if you are not a victim of this, you may want to try this few things:
There are three methods to register:

1. Online @
Note: Access to the device which you are registering the number of is required to complete the registration.

2. SMS
Send an SMS with the message “DNC” to 78771. You can only register the number that you SMS from and SMS charges will apply.

3. Phone
Call the toll-free number 1800 248 0771. You can only register the number that you call from. This number must not be subscribed to caller-ID blocking service.
Tip: If yours is not a fax number, please also add your number to the No Fax Message Register.

Your registration does not expire unless you terminate your telephone number or if you deregister your telephone number from the DNC Register(s). You may deregister at any time.

(Info taken from:…/registering-with-the-do-not-call-…)

i) For Singtel Users: you can dial *25625 and receive and sms. Follow the instructions from there on.

ii) For M1 Users: Please go through your M1 App and click on subscribe to more services > Privacy & Security > Premium Rate Services Barring.

iii) For Starhub users: please visit :…/valu…/postpaid/prs-barring-faq.html


Source: HL Choo

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