Presidential Candidates Halimah Yacob And Salleh Marican Shook Hands At Event (Boleh?)

Presidential hopefuls Halimah Yacob Salleh Marican met at the launch of Singapore’s first milk bank yesterday and they exchanged a few words. Halimah Yacob was there as the guest of honour at the launch whereas Salleh Marican is the treasurer on the foundation’s board of directors.

When asked, Salleh told some reporters that he is planning to submit eligibility forms to the Elections Department a week from today. He also has several interviews lined up and is preparing mentally. Halimah, on the other hand, declined to make any comments in relation to the upcoming reserved elections.

Not surprisingly, a photo captured them shaking hands with big smiles on their faces. Is this a problem? As Muslims, one would know that Islam forbids men to touch women who are not mahram, including shaking hands for acquaintance, forgiveness, gratefulness or other reasons (even political).

So why did they shake hands? Are political causes more important than our religious values and beliefs?



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