Indo Maid Keep Bomoh Things; ‘Something’ Was Brought From Their Kampong To Singapore

Look what I found in my maid’s.
At first she told that she bought it from a lady whom she don’t even know for self protection. To me it doesn’t make sense.
After further confrontation she admit she brought it from her country.
Big time Girl! 😡😡😡

Be more cautious with your maid guys.
And May Allah protect us all.

Source: Suriani Yani

When asked what was the content in the note, she replied,”As per ustaz, ayat Al-quran asmaul husna but the other seems like a word of charm. Sort of mantra or could be more than just dat.

Many warned her to be careful and take precautionary measures, one even commented on her post and advised her against reading it and to just burn the note.

Some people opined that it is only naturally that “one wants to be protected by all means in a foreign country all by herself”.

A Juz Faisal shared with her, ” I just asked my colleague whose a fellow Indonesian as I’m sailing onboard a ship currently. To clear any misunderstandings, this is not black magic. Ini mungkin dia dapat dari kiyai-kiyai kampung as we got to understand most of these maids are poor and study in madrasahs back at their villages so before they work overseas, is believed that their teacher would give them ayat2 quran as self-protection if anything harm would come to them as in their culture or custom. Although we don’t deny there are minority who are black magic practitioners yang pakai ayat2 yg bukan arabic tapi bahasa indon jawa lama2 dan barang2 kotor. May Allah protects us from this Fitnah and guides us to the right path.

Apa korang rasa?



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